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Hi folks

Joined VM in December and so far quite disappointed to say the least.

My Tivo box stutters when watching live TV - does it in SD and HD at any time of day - the picture goes weird and jumpy for a few seconds - not a major issue but very annoying.

Also have 50mb broadband which buffers like crazy when watching even simple videos on Facebook etc so nothing demanding. Trying to watch anything on Apple TV is near impossible (often it goes down to fuzzy vision, not any where near 1080 and buffers). I've done speed tests and they come back as fine but the internet is really unusable most of the time - its as if the speed test sites are unrestricted but everything else is. It took me ages to download an update for my satnav earlier - it was only about 350mb - when I was with BT that would have downloaded a lot quicker than tonight.

Done all the usual like power down etc, checked power levels to router, all seems fine.

Looking through the list of complaints here it looks like I'm not alone and at present it looks like as soon as my contract is up, I will be going to Sky or BT unless this can all be sorted.

All I want is my TV and broadband working as they should - not a lot to ask is it?

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