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Streaming failing on all devices


I was hoping you could help with a streaming issue we have. We've been streaming programs from multiple devices since we got your service a couple of years ago. It's got steadily worse, to the point now where it will fail on every program we try to watch. On pc's its generally fine although still drops out every now and again. On all other devices it consistently fails every time we try to watch something.

We have a Samsung SmartTV, AppleTV and GoogleChrome cast, all of these fail everytime we try to watch something. It will work to begin with but then after around 20mins they all fail, sometimes sooner.

On Netflix it pauses at 25% and then won't continue until the device is restarted.

On Blinkbox, it stops and just shows a refresh icon.

On all others ITV Player, All4, iPlayer they all stop and the device needs to be rebooted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Streaming failing on all devices

If the problem is affecting all devices the common factor is your broadband connection. Ring it in and get it checked. The netflix 25% fail is a known issue though.

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