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Stephen King Wishlist

I've set up a Stephen King Wishlist, it captures everything except where he is the Writer.

An example is 'Secret Window' on Horror (25 February @ 11pm).

Is there something I'm missing or can the TiVo software be updated to allow me to wishlist - 'Writers'

This life hesitates to be enjoyed
Not the slightest prospect of change
Vicious circle
That I'd thought to have escaped
A lasting state of worry prolongs

Mirthless - by - Mirror Of Deception
(from the 2004 album - Foregone)
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Re: Stephen King Wishlist

Try it today. Looks like it's been fixed, you'll need it changed to new and reruns to find movies (wish they'd fix that) and don't worry about getting in HD for horror as its an SD channel. Hats off to VM, this is one I've had a WishList for ages for, it's only ever found things with Stephen King in the title before like "Stephen King's Thinner" etc!