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Standard additional box to extra TiVo box



Currently have a standard box in the bedroom, and want to upgrade it to a TiVo box, same as the one downstairs.


is there a way I can either transmit what's in my downstairs TiVo box to upstairs, or will an additional TiVo box be required?


I have seen some info on here about multi rooms, would this work?


if not, how much would installation be, considering I already have a box installed, it better be free, or sky might get a new customer, and how much extra a month will the TiVo box be?


Think very carefully before you answer, I can change to sky very easily at the moment!




Di Nicholls

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Re: Standard additional box to extra TiVo box

The number of recording you can stream between tivo's is very limited due to the broadcasters paranoia that their precious content may be stolen, the cost of an extra tivo would be £5 per month and £49:99 install fee


BUT as you are out of contract your best bet would be to phone retentions and see what sort of deal they can offer (if you still want one)

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