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Staggered by treatment of existing customers

I have been with Virgin broadband for years and years. I have been with Sky TV for years and years. All I wanted to do was have everything in one place, and the Big Kahuna, but hopefully at a better price.

When I went to upgrade options as an existing customer, it seems that the best I can get is around 15 quid a month off the TV for 3 months, and I'm tied in for 12 months. If I am a new customer, however, I can get a discount of around £50 a month for 12 months, albeit I am tied into a contract for 18 months.

How can it be that the disloyalty to loyal customers is so great? The person on the phone said nothing more than I get the option to cancel earlier. That is not worth the difference of quite a few hundred pounds, as the difference over an 18 month period was many hundreds of pounds.

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Re: Staggered by treatment of existing customers

When I first joined VM I got a new customer discount. I had that in place for at least 3 years. I didn't expect another whooping discount to change to TiVo but I did get quite a good deal. 

Youre only hope is to ring and say you're leaving at which point they may give you a better deal. But of course hey give better deals to new customers. So do sky. It's how it works which I understand can be a tad irritating. 

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Re: Staggered by treatment of existing customers

Whilst I empathise , as a loyal customer myself. But staggered? really?

I mean, I assume you have utility bills, a bank account, insurance of some sort, and guess what ? ALL these service companies use the same model. Decent discount to get you in the door and then jack the price up.

Only way to play it is to constantly move supplier (a lot of hassle), or have a set price you want to pay for your services- if it goes above that, negotiate a discount, or leave.

Martin Lewis makes a living out of telling us all that. Why would you even be mildly surprised?

Until every one of us changes supplier regularly enough to ensure they cant get a return on the heavily discounted initial price, and installation/equipment costs make initial discount uneconomical, nothing will change.