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Split screen picture using 1 TiVo and 1 TV

Can I watch 2 different TV channels on my smart TV using ONLY one TiVo box? eg: Sky Sports News and BT Sports 1. I know this function was available as picture in picture when I was subscribed with Sky, because we used it every Saturday! Does TiVo have this mode, and if so, how do I do it !?


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Re: Split screen picture using 1 TiVo & 1 TV

I would have thought that this function was down to your TV, if one of the channels you used to watch was tuned into your TV via Freeview (Sky Sports perhaps) then you were probably watching the PiP combination of that plus your Sky+ output over the HDMI to your TV.

To the best of my recollection no Sky box has ever been able to output 2 different channels at the same time.

Try to do a PiP of a known TV tuned channel and whatever HDMI input your TiVo is plugged into and see what happens.

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Re: Split screen picture using 1 TiVo & 1 TV

It is a TV function using PIP  -  neither Sky or TiVo has this option!

You set the TV to take two different inputs at once.

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