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Sound slowness and picture problems

Hi all

I've just changed to virgin media a few weeks ago and have been having audio break ups, picture breakups and generally slow menu navigation.

I rang virgin and was told all my signal levels were correct. I've had a look at the diagnostics and can see all tuners have signal strengthstrength of around 30%. Is this correct just seems a little low.

Also my main worry is when the engineer came to install the tivo boxes etc he said that the cable outside the house was too short and that one of the signal parameters was outside the recommended setting. He would book an engineer to come and replace the cable.

This was 3 weeks ago so I rang virgin only to be told there was no engineer visit on record and that I would be charged if I booked one to come out.....I have the engineers name and technician ID if that would help.

In the meantime when it rains water continues to soak the connection outside my house.

I hope someone can help with this



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Re: Sound slowness and picture problems

Yeah ur TiVo will unfortunately be slow at the moment as the latest software update fowler it up. See 'slow TiVo' at top of board. It's isn't tbh the quickest box on the planet in the first place. 

Your other problems are defo signal related so either the box itself or the cable supplying it. Unfortunately you may wait a while on here for a mod to see your post because this is primarily a user forum so if you want to speed things up then you'll need to ring again    

I would ring and say you want to cancel. If nothing else that'll get their attention and hopefully they'll put you thru to the British end if the operation. Good luck. 

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Re: Sound slowness and picture problems

Hi Grifftron,


Welcome to the Community!


Really sorry to hear about the trouble you've had.


I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so we can discuss the technician and your install in a bit more detail.


Look forward to hearing from you!  Smiley Very Happy



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