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Sound occasionally dropping on Netflix via Tivo box

I've been having issues for weeks with sound dropping off for a couple seconds every now and then (usually every couple mins, though sometimes multiple times a minute). I've given it some time to resolve, but still getting this even after the recent Tivo upgrade.

Have this no matter what time of day/night, so can't be network congestion.... Or VM are running their network at a constant 100% utilisation...

I can watch Netflix on the other TV's or PS3/PS4's without sound issues, so it's only affecting my Tivo box.

Any help or advice anyone can give, or is this still a network issue?

200Mb Broadband
TiVo Package
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Re: Sound occasionally dropping on Netflix via Tivo box

its because netflxi defaults to 5:1 surroundsound for each show. Thatdoes not play nive with Tivo & TV.  Within Netflix, after chooseign a show, before pressing play, you have to select audio options - strereo - manually, every time, as your workaround

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