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Smart Card needed??

We have just re joined Virgin and had out stuff delivered yesterday and wont be switched on till tomorrow, we dont have a smart card with the things that got delivered, do we need one? We have a Samsung tivo box. 

When I was with Virgin before we had a viewing card which was put in the tivo box.

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Re: Smart Card needed??

No, you don't need a Smartcard for TiVo any more. TiVo now authorises your subscription and services automatically via the connection back to Virgin Media.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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Re: Smart Card needed??

I just had my Cisco tivo with smart card swapped out for Samsung tivo with no separate smart card
The engineer said it's built in on new ones

TIVO desperately needs:

1/ Consecutive recording should be made by the ONE tuner not TWO
2/ List programmes by time/date (not channel) - People will watch their favourite film when its on, they wont wait until it's on BBC1 and thats the way it should be displayed
3/ Wishlists should have option to record in SD
4/ Wishlist should be able to find Movie 'Premiers' (where last aired = TODAY)

These could be programmed by a degree student in half a day
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