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Slow reactions of the TiVo box

we have just re-signed up with VM after a year with Sky on a special deal. We have been back with VM for about a month and I'm shocked by how slow the TiVo box seems. Especially when navigating the tv guide- it seems to take forever to change a channel, by which time you can miss the start of a programme. 

Does anyone know why this is or if there's anything we can do about it? 


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Re: Slow reactions of the TiVo box

Hi Megan

Many people are finding that the Tivo boxes are slowing up (and the latest software download appears to have made matters worse for some). My mother-in-law's Sky+ box is way more responsive than my Tivo sometimes is.

The basic problem (as I see it) is that their design is getting long in the tooth and there is probably more going on in the background that the box can realistically cope with. 

There is a new model Tivo expected some time this year (details and prices have yet to be announced) but that won't help you now.

Something you could try to do is;

Press the Home button.
Then press Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Play, Play.
You should then hear a beep after a few seconds and the box should be a bit more responsive.

Also, if you still have a viewing card (unlikely if you have just rejoined), remove it. It's not needed on Tivos anymore, and removing it can speed up the responsiveness.


Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
If my suggestion is helpful, please mark it as helpful; it may help others. Just want to say "Thanks"? That's the Kudos button.
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Re: Slow reactions of the TiVo box

Hi Megandlg,


As Argy has said, you can speed up the TiVo® by clearing unnecessary background data.

There's a slight correction that needs to me made to Argy's post though. You need to go to the Home screen and on the remote control press Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up , Play, Play.

You'll hear a 'ping' noise and the screen will go blank for a few seconds. When the screen comes back on, you should notice the TiVo® speed up.

All the best  Smiley Very Happy



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