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Slow, crashy and not user friendly

See title

I've had many set top boxes and this one promises the most and delivers the least. Slow, glitchy, on demand painful to navigate. iPhone app often causes box to crash followed by a 5 minute reboot. Program guide poorly thought out and obvious up selling features like not able to re order channels or hide channels you don't subscribe to (yes I use favorites and no I don't appreciate how the box reverts to all channels after an hour). Basically not feeling the love.

Just saying!
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Forum Team
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Re: Slow, crashy and not user friendly

Hi eatyourgreens


Long time no speak! I hope you're well Man Happy


I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with the change to TiVo. I've had a little look from our end and everything's looking normal here.


We're always looking for ways to improve the service so thanks for taking the time to write to us, you can find out some great information about how best to use the TiVo box [here] just in case there's something there you're not aware of.


Take care


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