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Slow Tivos - what model do you have

Given the numerous posts on the slowness of the Tivo since the recent software updates, I am interested in trying to determine if one model is a worse performer than the other.

So, if yours is performing badly, is it a Samsung or a Cisco?

On the contrary, if yours is performing well, which do you have?  NB. the V6 is not included.

Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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Re: Slow Tivos - what model do you have

As I have already mentioned in other posts my Cisco 1TB in the bedroom has never been so fast since RC24 was released.

Contrary, the Samsung 1TB in the living room is so much slower (even after RC24) than the Cisco.

It's strange because the Cisco has alot more work to do - more SL's, more thumbs, more recordings (so constantly running at a higher disk usage than the Samsung).

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