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Slow Tivo

Come on Virgin what is going on with the Tivo issue.

I have tried your workaround, but it doesn't seem to make much difference, and try explaining to my young children why they cant watch their TV.

Your editor post is now over three weeks old and no update

I joined in June. This has been a reported problem on these forums for over a year now. I tried calling today, but just got one of your robots. 

I have sought advice on this and because I am not getting the adequately performing services that I was sold and that this was a known problem at the point of sale, of which I was not made aware, their are several options open to me. This is not a course I will take lightly, but I want some reassurances on what is being done and some timescales. Other than this I like the services and would prefer to remain. However if this issue persists, I will be seeking adequate redress.

Please respond within 48 hours.

A copy of this post is being sent to your customer complaints department via postal services also.

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Re: Slow Tivo

Pointless complaining here really as this is a user forum for users to help other users. Try recorded delivery to CEO? 

I think that there won't be a fix or at least not an adequate one as they'll want us all to get the new V6 box come December ish. 

Plus how much more is that going to cost! 

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