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Slow TiVo

Hi, we have just had fiber broadband and TiVo tv installed, I was really looking forward to using the tv and it's functions....but it's soooo slow. Everything is connected, installed by the engineer, internet speed is fine but using the TiVo box to do anything takes forever (or at least seems it with a screaming toddler waiting for mr tumble to start). Any ideas why and how to improve would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Slow TiVo

Welcome to the TiVo experience. You'll get used to it. Actually - you won't. Smiley Sad
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Re: Slow TiVo

Hi Luketinmurth


Welcome to the Community, I'm really sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TiVo service lately.


We're aware of an issue that some of our customers are experiencing with slowness on their TiVo box. We're working hard to resolve this and when there are updates available you'll be able to keep up to date by [clicking here].


Apologies again for the inconvenience caused


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Re: Slow TiVo

I'm clearing my cache every week at the moment to help... Never use to be like this. Shame they don't offer a Tivo Lite interface as I don't use many of it's functions *sigh*

Also, that Tivo link from Craig_D, although appreciated, hasn't been updated in over 6 weeks.

Personally, I am in discussions with BT.