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Slow TiVo and broadband

Can anybody tell me if I have to report the slow TiVo and slow broadband to virgin or will it sort itself out ? 😊

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Re: Slow TiVo and broadband

Pop over to the Tivo section on the TV Forum and you will find weeks worth of threads and replies pertaining

to the slow Tivo boxes, they have been like this since the last update.

VM do have a button pressing exercise they recommend to clear the Data Files which can on occasion speed

the box up for an hour if your lucky - to be honest they appear to have buried their heads in the sand on this 

matter and earlier today I came across a thread where the VM staff member advised that an update on the situation

was due in December.

Speaking to the chap on the SKY desk in the local shopping centre he's rubbing his hands at the number of VM customers

who took the opportunity of the price increase and this problem to jump ship to Sky Q.