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Slow TIVO and VM response

After enduring the slow TIVO box for the last few months and not getting anywhere with VM regarding the issue I spent all morning on the phone today and here is the response.

TV Technical - They have no idea when the issue will be sorted and it is STILL a work in progress and previous attempts have not created the issue. 

So they passed me on to customer services about upgrading my 2 boxes to V6 boxes. 

£50 per box

£15 activation fee

£30 extra per month on my bill as you need 200mb broadband to run the V6 boxes. 

I declined and when I was passed back to customer services their response regarding the current slow boxes was this. VM will not offer any compensation or discounts as the boxes still receive the TV service.

So all who are having issues will just have to suffer until VM sort it out, unless you want to pay the higher costs to have a box that works correctly. 

Still find it a bit of a con that they screw the current boxes up and then want to charge you extra to get a better box. 

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Re: Slow TIVO and VM response

100Mbps is needed, but the boxes are cheaper if you're on the 200Mbps package.

TV: XL+SkySports V6
BB: 200Mbps SuperHub: Arris
Loc: ME10
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