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Slow TIVO Box

Hi there,

A quick search shows there have been previous questions like this with no clear cut answer so I'll ask again as it may be specific to me.

We've had our TIVO box since December 2013 when I cancelled Sky - it works great except for Netflix and iPlayer etc which are extremely slow to open. When playing something on Netflix the rewind/fast forward is also so clumsy I try and avoid using it where possible. I have iPad + Chromecast which I always use instead of the TIVO app, which is a shame.

The drive is never normally more than 50% full and the box is connected to the internet via powerline ethernet. We have quite a lot recorded I don't want to lose so I don't want to reset it unless absolutely necessary. If anyone has any ideas of how to fix this or if it's just a known limitation it'd be very much appreciated.

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Re: Slow TIVO Box

A few points to help

your tivo has its own internet connection if 10mb so your Ethernet connection simple allows you to use your iPad as a remote control should you wish. I assume you also use TV Anywhere to set up series links etc but my understanding is that you could do those things without the Ethernet cable. 

If you do a reboot (off then on) you won't lose any recordings. This will often speed the box up for a bit although I personally think that this as a solution is working less and less as we receive more updates. My TiVo is definitely slower and more glitchy even though VM tell me there are no problems with it. A reboot speeds it up but only slightly whereas a while ago a reboot would sort it out very well. Of course my box is old 5yrs) so it may be quietly dying!



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