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Signal strength low

Just had TiVo installed and I have looked in the diagnostics and see our 3 tuners have strength of 39%, 29% and 33%. The box is quite slow to use and apps take an age to load. Is there something I can do to boost signal, not the most impressive start to TiVo. I've got high 200mb broadband apparently but most I get is about 80mb.

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Re: Signal strength low

The signal strength has nothing to do with how slow TiVo is. I'm afraid it is just slow. However pretty soon there is a software update coming which is supposed to sort it all out and at the end if the year a super duper new box to rival Sky Q. 

On a wired connection I get about 98mb. Of course TiVo has its own dedicated 10mb connection so your BB speed won't affect it either. 

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