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Shall I Get Tivo?

A bit of a dumb question, looking at some of the complaints here guys, but looking for some positive experiences too if possible....

Had broadband since the early days of blueyonder, and have always been very happy with it.  But as I had Sky before that, I've stuck with them for the TV.  To be honest, there's more choice through my dish, the cost seems better value, and there seem to be more catch up options too.

However, a VM rep called me out of the blue and offered me a Tivo box and a fairly decent deal.  It would mean, however, having to re-cable as our living room is now at the back of the house (though he said he'd provide the cable)   I'd also lose a few channels - he offered me the M+ package, and while I don't watch too many of the ones I get with the Sky HD family package, it is a step down.  I guess I should haggle for the XL package, but I don't want to pay any more money (even though the plan would be to ditch Sky)

So it's coming down to reliability of the products.  I see on here there are plenty of complaints, but it's always easier to moan than praise.  Are there any people who've switched from Sky and haven't looked back?  I've never had any big issues with Sky, but the weather does affect the channels occasionally.  Also, as the missus watches a lot of rubbish (erm soaps etc) and as there's other programmes that are on at the same time, I'm pretty drawn to being able to record/watch 3 channels at a time.  I've found the Sky android app pretty useful, how good is the Virgin Tivo app?

Thanks for any feedback Smiley Happy

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