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Setting a series link for the show in early morning

So I want to record a series.

The Initial 'New' episode is on, say, Fri night at 20:00. There is a separate showing of this episode on, say, sunday morning at 01:00. I want to record the sunday morning one, as we all know the wife's shows take priority!

I set a series link while on the sunday morning show- the TiVo box comes ack and tell me the next episodes have clashed because its trying to record the next weeks episodes at 20:00!

How do you set the series link to record new series at the times in the early morning?

Its becoming that annoying I've have stopped recording and now rip it from the illegal sites on the interweb! Tbh it seems to be no point in having the recording function at the moment if it wont record the shows when I want it to record.


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Re: Setting a series link for the show in early morning

Oh dear! 

Well tivo is designed to manage your recordings for you. You have to make sure that any channels which DON'T repeat episodes ie BBC are HIGHER priority than ones that do. Once you've done that set up your series links as normal and let TiVo do the rest. It will see the clash tell you about it. You can cheerfully tell it to ignore you're program (quite right too not to annoy the wife 😂) knowing that it will record the next showing. 

If you don't trust it the first few times set a manual recording. 

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