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Seriously - Virgin get a grip and sort your stuff out

So, after months of problems with interactive playing up and youtube - finally youtube is back up and running, but its a nightmare.


It freezes, glitches, takes ages to load, - a total waste of months gone by waiting for this  which is is practically unwatchable on the tivo box.  Yet i can watch it fine through PS4 and PC. 


So Virgin - if its unwatchable now, why leave us dangling for months sorting it out.



Also, half the time On Demand is unavailable.   Yes i can record all my programmes with Tivo, but On Demand should be exactly that, (not down because of problems)


I am seriously thinking of quitting Virgin altogether, I have been a customer for over 20 years but its just problem after problem. My friends up the road are with Sky and they dont have the problems we do

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Re: Seriously - Virgin get a grip and sort your stuff out

I'm tempted to suggest that your friends with Sky won't have the problems with YouTube because their box won't have either the app or the dedicated connection to support it.


Either way, you could either wait a few days for one of the support team to come along and remotely check your box, or you could call into faults when the OD problem is happening and get it checked in real-time.


The YouTube issue I believe is an ongoing national fault on the app that YouTube/Google supply to Virgin.

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Re: Seriously - Virgin get a grip and sort your stuff out

Hi egt1, 


Thanks for your posts and apologies for the issues you are having using YouTube on the TiVo®


I can confirm we've raised this up as a fault under reference: F003830141


Latest news is that this has been investigated by our teams and now passed over to an external team. As well as this we've raised a ticket with Google. 


The next update is due at 10am tomorrow. 



Forum Team

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