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Series link problem

So i am wondering if anyone can help.

i set up a series link for 2 programs and selected "new only" for both and now it is just recording multiples and episodes that are not new

for example one show i recorded on series link as "new only" was on monday night (which it recorded) however tuesday night there was a repeat of the program and it has recorded that too (which was not "new") as it was on the day before

Another example for a show i have set for series link as "new only" on my planned recordings has this show planned to record on sat night 7 episodes 1 after the other however none are "new" and information says "first shown on ...../2014"

Is there something wrong with virgin media because as i said both shows are set to "new only" yet i am getting repeats taped and repeats from 2014 

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Re: Series link problem

could be bum epg data

try mailing them supplying all the pertinent info.



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