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Series link overrides

I want to record all episodes of NCIS, it is on several channels and showing different series on each channel, when I set up a series link for the series on fox it changes when I try and set up another series link on CBS of a different series, is it only possible to have one series link of the same program even if the series are different instead of one overriding the other
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Re: Series link overrides

It is something which can be done in the new software arriving anytime now - some have already got it.

However, you should be able to have two series links for the same programme in the current software.

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Re: Series link overrides

If you are on the old software level, you only have series links and you should be able to create multiple series links for the same program on different channels.

If you are on the new level, you should have series link+ and be able to specify Channel = All on a single series link+ for a program.

Given that the OP suggests he can only create one series link, I think that is likely to be a new software level series link+ and he should specify Channel = All.

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Re: Series link overrides

If you have the new software you can't create another series link for NCIS. What you need to do is...

Go to Manage Series Links+
Select NCIS
Modify options
... Include ... Recordings only
... Start from ... Series 1
... Record ... New & Reruns
... Channel ... All

You'll get all of the recordings available on all channels.

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