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Series link issue :(

Hi all, 

I have series linked the new season of Suits on Dave. When I went to watch episode 8 there is only a 5 mins recording of Mock The Week. 

I have checked all the other recordings and they are fine. The only difference with this one is that is says 'Partial' in the duration section. 

Is there anyway that VM can retrieve TVs shows or do you loose the recording? 

Many thanks


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Re: Series link issue :(

If it says partial then something went wrong during the recording, normally something like your TiVo rebooted, there was a power cut or a problem with the signal.  In the case of a reboot then you would normally find the rest of the episode as a separate recording in the same folder, but it sounds like you've already checked the other recordings and not found it.  Unfortunately, if the rest of the episode isn't there then there isn't anything that can be done.

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