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Series Link recording repeats

I have Deal or No Deal set up on a series link. But I’m finding that the TiVo records both the main show in the afternoon, and the repeat in the early morning. Is it possible to change a Series Link to record just the main showing and ignore the repeats? Selecting the 'new shows only' option doesn't seem to help...

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Re: Series Link recording repeats

It looks OK for the coming week - but the repeat in the morning is NOT the same episode from earlier that day on my recordings (it is a little earlier from the series).

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Re: Series Link recording repeats

Hi Tom41, 


Thank you for coming in and posting, looks like all you need is to change a setting to record new shows only through this method through the remote:-


My shows>>>Manage My Series Links>>>select the show you wish to change>>>Modify recording options>>>(Record: New only).


I hope this has help and let me know if you need any further help.



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