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Security risk of new junction box

I have recently had a junction box installed next to my property which is now causing a huge security risk.  People can now climb the box and gain access to my garden via the 7 foot wall.  This box is 30 feet away from a box that is next to a hedge that is not a security risk to any property.  Can this be moved before installation of cables are involved.

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Re: Security risk of new junction box

No point in posting on here really. I doubt the mods can help. Try calling 0800 4080088. Hopefully that's the people who can help. 

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Re: Security risk of new junction box

Hi Glenarklet,


Thank you for posting for the first time, welcome to the Community Smiley Happy


Security is a certainly an important aspect and although we're not able to make decisions here, Parrotperson is correct in giving them a call. I'm sure that they will be able to listen to what's going on and move on from there. 


If you do have anything you'd like to ask more, please let myself or one of the team know Smiley Happy


Many thanks.



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