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Second TIVO box.. Multiroom


I renewed my contract and the woman said I can swap my spare box (V Box) to a TIVO for free.

So currently got two TIVO boxes in the house.

My question is:

Today I received a quickstart box.. and I installed the box (called the number to activate first!). But it got stuck on the "Set up TIVO Remote Control screen" so I rang VM up and they reset my box and it loaded at the Home Page as suppose to.

On my TIVO box downstairs seems fine it can load the Channel Icons. But the one I received today with the setting on on my bedroom TIVO box. It is not working. On or Off. And it doesn't load into VM with the Networking like the one downstairs. (Note: the one downstairs isn't connected to my Router, neither is this one)

Can someone help me.

Thank You.
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Re: Second TIVO box.. Multiroom

Hi LdGallifryan,


Thank you for your message, I'm sorry that the swap didn't go as smoothly as we'd have liked.


I have been able to test both boxes and they are both showing some healthy signs and are currently online, is the issue no more?


Keep in touch and anything you may need, just let me know.


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