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Saved TIVO recordings

I don't know if this has been flagged before but I have just discovered saved TIVO recordings aren't saved permanently.

I recorded a Shakespeare play months ago and this week had the opportunity to watch it by myself and concentrate.

However I got the message that as it had been recorded from Sky Arts 2HD - which Virgin no longer subscribes to - I could not watch it!

I had been under the impression that once saved it it was mine to watch for ever - but apparently not.!  So do I have to bring out the VHS recorder?

 Just wanted to make others aware.  Probably not a problem with the main channels but the rest is a lottery dependant upon Virgin Media's commercial wiles.


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Re: Saved TIVO recordings

The reason for this that Sky Arts 2 HD closed. When a channel closes then the recordings are only available for a period of time. Usually three months.

The same applies to recordings from BBC Three, however that case the timescale has been extended to October.

For Sky channels there is also a commercial requirement from Sky that recordings from channels that are no longer part of your subscription are blocked until such time as you have that channel in your subscription.
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Re: Saved TIVO recordings

It isn't that VM no longer subscribe to Sky Arts 2, sky pulled that channel from all platforms last year and merged it with Sky Arts 1.

Edited out as it duplicated BenMcr's reply.  The same applies on the V+ boxes.

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