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I understand that S4C are relaunching their HD service on Sky and Freesat for the Euros as they are showing the Welsh games with Welsh commentary however Virgin are only showing the games and nothing else?! Also Sky and Freesat will continue to show HD.


Can someone confirm this and also explain why can't Virgin also show S4C HD full time?

Diolch yn fawr - Thanks very much

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Re: S4C HD

There is little info on this available that I can see ATM. Judging by the costs involved, that curtailed the channel previously, S4C are probably very cost sensitive on this one. The service is not going to Freeview due to lack of capacity, so the main output will be FTA Satellite, but this in itself is a huge expense. Virgin only has a presence in 20% of Wales, so it may be that they are "testing the water" with the footie, to see if its worth them joining VM. Also there is no guarantee any service outside the games will be available from non-welsh cable headends, as it would be cheaper for S4C to provide a wales-only service than go out to the whole of VM's network.

Deals like this are commercially sensitive, so apart from any official announcement, VM staff here will not know any more than you or I do.


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