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Restrictions set by broadcaster

We recently got round to connecting both our TiVo boxes via a wired network connection. Although we can browse the shows recorded on each box from the other one, over 90% of the recordings have a cross symbol on them and it says "Restricted by broadcaster". Only recordings made from the Sky channels seem to be playable from the other box (and work well) - every other channel has this restriction thing. 

Anyone know why the programmes are restricted like this, and if the restrictions are likely to be lifted any time soon? Hardly worth having the two boxes connected at this rate!

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Re: Restrictions set by broadcaster

Because the broadcasters are dinosaurs who don't realise that they need to keep up with the times, the music industry took a few years to learn this and suffered from piracy the games industry adapted a lot quicker with Steam etc but the TV industry still lags behind more and more people are "cutting the cord" and getting netflix or amazon prime and watching other show by illegitimate means, they need to take a more modern approach but they don't seem to have learned this lesson as of yet

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