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Recordings from one Tivo to another

We now have two Tivo's - one in a spare room, and the main one in the lounge.

Bit disappointed to see that even though these are networked together using our home setup, I cannot watch recordings from one Tivo onto another due to "broadcasting restrictions", yet they quite happily allow me to record the same program on both (which kinda beats the object)

I knew this was a problem when the Tivo's were first introduced, but sad to see that several years down the line there seems to be no progress on resolving this.

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Re: Recordings from one Tivo to another

Unfortunately, the end decision on whether to make a channel available as part of the Multi Room Streaming functionality rests with the channel broadcasters. Virgin Media can request it as part of any commercial agreement, but they can't force it.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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Re: Recordings from one Tivo to another

Hi there andyju, 

Thank you for your post, and as BenMcr has stated, unfortunately we do need the broadcaster's permission in order to authorise a channel for Multi Room Streaming. We have made arrangements with many channels already (Click on this link to see that channels that are currently authorised to Multi Room Stream. Expand t...)

We are always in talks with Channel providers to bring more and more channels to our line up, remember the above link as when more channels are authorised we will update this page. 

Many thanks and apologies again 


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