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Recording "Glitch" BT Sport Ch 529 Champions league Highlights show

At 10pm-11.15pm on the above channel, on Champions league nights, is a "Highlights" Prog,(with Gary Lineaker) so I set a series link for it, but it never records it, it records the following "Matches" which are shown thru the night/next morning, 5x1hr shows of separate matches (which I dont want!)  Ive tried deleting the link then re setting, but no joy. can any mod explain this we are now on the 5th week of CL games, & it still is not right!  Can any mod explain?

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Re: Recording "Glitch" BT Sport Ch 529 Champions league Highlights show

It is not a glitch  -  it is working as expected.

BT Sports give the same name of all the programmes - so the highlights and the edited matches are all the same series.

By default a series link is set to keep the last 5 episodes.

Last night the Highlights was followed by 6-7 match highlights  -  so you would find the last 5 matches recorded

You have two options:

1: Amend the series link to save the last 10 (or more) recordings instead of 5

2: Better still create a wishlist to record the title  'UEFA Champions League Football' and 'Highlights'  -  this will not record the match highlights.

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