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Recording more than one show at a time

Just had TiVo installed today - moved over from Sky and one of the main incentives was being able to record 3 shows at once. My son had set a recording for a show on later tonight and I wanted to record a film to watch at a later date...I get a notification to say that one recording must be clipped or cancelled as they clash. No other recordings were set so it won't even record two things at once ??
Any advice appreciated
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Re: Recording more than one show at a time

try modifying the recordings to start recording on time and to stop recording on time that should get rid of the clipped message, as recordings default start 1 minute early and 4 minutes after. got to the programme that's set to record click ok and recording options. also go to settings - recording and turn off suggestions.

With the default recording start and finish the overlap time is 5 minutes. Even if you are recording consecutive programmes on one channel.

You should always be able to record 3 programs at a time so make sure suggestions are off as there is undoubtedly something set to record at that time.. most are useless anyway e.g. series 2 episode 10 when you have not even seen series 1 episode 1.

hope this helps a little

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Re: Recording more than one show at a time

Hi loz2574,


A warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I just wanted to pop by and see how things are today with your recordings?  


If you are still experiencing any issues with the service, don't hesitate to give me a shout if you need anything.


I will pop our Discover TiVo® guide here incase it may be useful for you.


Have a lovely week end.


Collette Smiley Happy


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Re: Recording more than one show at a time

Just another thought, but I've had a couple of occasions since having Tivo when the box has been convinced there's a 4-way clash and checking the planned recordings list (and working out each tuner's "movements"), I'm convinced it's only 3 at once and couldn't fathom it out. Come back an hour or so later, and it's sorted itself out.

There's a few other methods I've figured out to give the scheduler a nudge if needs be - set the EPG to callhome and update the guide "manually" is one. Go into the series links and just move a high-ranking link up and down a place in the list - again, it gives the scheduler a nudge.

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Re: Recording more than one show at a time

Some of TiVo's warnings are a little extreme - and often cause no problem.

As long as all your required recordings show up in 'My Planned Recordings' there is nothing to worry about.

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