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Recording Hiccups Help

Hello, two weeks in a row a program I've got on a series link has not recorded. Both missing episodes are listed in recording hiccups with the explanation "no longer in guide." After seeing similar posts, I went into settings and manually connected to Virgin to update the guide but the problem remains. Is there anyway to recover these shows? (First Dates USA, eps 4 & 5, broadcast on Thursdays, 10pm, E4). Thanks.
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Re: Recording Hiccups Help

Only the first 3 episodes are showing on the E4 website. And considering that it's been replaced by old episodes of The Inbetweeners, it looks like the show has been removed from the schedule (probably due to poor viewer ratings).

Change the series link to...
Recordings & Streaming
All channels

It may return at some point. Maybe on a different channel.


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