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Rebooting TiVo box

For some reason my second TiVo box which I have in the bedroom has started randomly rebooting itself over and over during the night which is waking me up.

it will start up with short high pitch whirring noise with all lights flashing then 

the only way to stop the cycle is to unplug the box from the mains and plug it back in  every day.

wondered if anyone else has had this issue and knows of a solution at all as its almost every night this is happening

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Re: Rebooting TiVo box

You need an engineer. Box is probably dying I'm afraid. 

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Re: Rebooting TiVo box

Hi Dribblesack


Welcome to the Community, I'm really sorry to learn about the problems with your TiVo box at the moment. 


I've not been able to locate your account using your forum information unfortunately, so I can take a closer look at this from our end can I ask that you respond to the private message I've sent with the requested information? 


You can view the message by clicking the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 


Look forward to hearing from you and taking a closer look at this for you!


Talk soon


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