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Random onset of distorted sound

I have a cisco tivo box.

Aside from the fact it looks like something from 1990, and is about as fast as something from 1990, it does at least work.

At least until such time as when changing channels, the sound will suddenly distort dramatically. Its loud enough to upset the kids.

I have a full 7.1 surround processor so its not that. Its connected via HDMI and I have swapped both the inputs and cable and its not that. Basically every once in the while the TIVO throws its toy and the sound melts down nearly taking out my speakers

What do I do about this?


Slightly off topic but some random guy called me up and offered me 6 months of the full package which I have been assured I can back out of at the 6 month point. Now whilst I now have like 280 channels, at least 40% of those channels are just double ups, or showing exactly the same show a bit further along and the amounts of adverts is crazy. I know this is not virgins fault really, but to be frank there is very little here that would make me want to actually pay for the big kahuna, so far as I can tell its all a bunch of total rubbish mixed in with adverts. Seriously who is paying like 75 quid a month to watch this?

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Re: Random onset of distorted sound

Have you got  your TiVO is set to output Dolby Digital to the HDMI output?

Have you enabled Audio Pass Through  on the TV ?



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Forum Team
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Re: Random onset of distorted sound

Hi garethsnaim,

Thanks for coming by and I'm sorry to hear that you're getting sound disruptions on the TiVo®.  I'll be happy to help check this out for you.

Does the same sound disruption occur when the surround sound equipment is fully disconnected?  If it does then we can rule out a possible setting issue between the 2 equipment and confirm it is the TiVo® altogether.

I want to carry out some checks with the TiVo® remotely, I wasn't able to locate your account right now.  I will send you a private message requesting further details.

Look for the purple envelope icon above.

Does the sound disruptions happen 

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