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Price Increase?? Not Happy

I joined virgin last December and made a contract for 12 months at £42.99 then I was told its £43.99! The other day I received letter saying my bill was going up by £3.99 a month! If I've made a contract how can they possibly do that before my 12 months is up?? I signed at the agreed price not £47.98 if we knew this I would if kept sky!

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Re: Price Increase?? Not Happy

I don't agree with it but it will be in the T&C's that you agreed to when you signed up...

You have every right to cancel because of it but I would phone up and go through to the option for thinking of leaving us and see if they can do anything...  Not sure they will do an awful lot as you are a relatively new customer but threaten to cancel enough and they might...


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