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Preparing channel information stuck on 25%



I turned on the TV this morning to find no channels were showing on our TV. I turned the set off at the box and then wall to see if this resolved the issue. After turning the TV set back on I've been faced with the "Preparing channel information" seen but it's stuck at 25%. This has been on for over 13 hours.


I've called Virgin helpline three times...


Call 1. Cut off when someone finally answered

Call 2. Cut off again when someone answered 

Call 3. Got through to someone who didn't understand my issue (or my British accent)


The operator stated there was an issue in our area. I informed her that I was aware of this as I had been onto the Service Status - apparently though this issue was now resolved many hours earlier and that the reason I was calling was not because channels were missing but because of the "Preparing channel information" issue.


I was told to check the TV at 9pm which I have just done. Still the box is stuck on 25%.


Any ideas what I'm to do next? To be honest I'm reluctant to call the helpline again having wasted 2 hours this evening already. I'm not usually one to knock products but since I joined Virgin around Christmastime, I've had nothing but problems. Slow response time when using the handset, channels freezing, the screen going blank when changing channels, I would put it down to being unlucky with this particular Tivo box but I've already had one replacement as the last one was apparently faulty!


I'd really like to get this sorted, thanks in advance for any advice...




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Re: Preparing channel information stuck on 25%

Hi uncleslinky,


Thanks for popping by Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that your TiVo® isn't loading up and that you've had trouble getting through to get it fixed.


I'll be happy to help out here.  How are things looking today?  If you're still getting the fault, let me know and I will check this out for you.


Keep me posted, I'm here if you need me. Smiley Happy

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