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Poor Service


I am a newbie to Virgin, in fact only 2 days old.

I am just trying to find out what the service is like from Virgin as I have only had bad service since the day of ordering my new Virgin Media service and was wondering if anyone else has suffered the same fate.

I joined Virgin from Sky as I though Virgin was offering a good value for money product, when placing the order I was informed there was a 1 1/2 month wait for an installation, when I questioned this and informed them that I thought it was unacceptable to have to wait this long to run a new cable from the box outside, the sales lady then confirmed a new installation date 3 weeks earlier than what already proposed, on this basis I went ahead with the order.

I then received my new Quickstart Virgin Media box with all the goodies, 2 days prior to installation, I was then fortunate that an engineer from Virgin turned up the day before to inspect the outside box to insure all cable where there, when I spoke to him he said he was just checking as he was coming back the next day to install my Tivo set, when I informed him that there was no cables running to the inside of the house and this needed to be done before anything could be set up, he explained that he would not be doing this as he was informed it was a Quickstart set up.

He apparently informed his supervisor that he could not go ahead and his supervisor would be in touch to arrange an installation date - I am still waiting for that phone call, however I contacted Virgin and was then told 21 September would be the new install date, the new engineer turned up and was under the impression he was there to do a Quickstart set up and had no idea he had to run new cables, luckily for me he was a true engineer and ran new cables and installed my Tivo box.

However I forgot to mention, that before my installation on the 21st September, Virgin were kind enough to send me a bill for services I had not received from the 2nd of September, when I phoned to query this I was polite told they had assumed I had started receiving services from the 2nd September and would credit half the amount back.

So, as said I finally got up and running on the 21st September, however I am experiencing issues with Catch Up TV and On Demand TV where it keeps saying " Services unavailable at the moment please try back in a couple of minutes" this never changes  - has anyone else experienced this.

I have tried calling Virgin only to be repeatedly met by the famous automatic voice which hangs up on me time after time.

Please if anyone can assist in advising how to get the Catch Up Tv working as my wife would like to get back on track with some of the programmes that we had stored on Sky it would be appreciated.

Going forward if this is the service Virgin offer, I don't think I will be staying with them much longer.


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Re: Poor Service

Check the Virgin media website to see if the problem is just your area. Log onto my Virgin media to do this. You could try home-help-settings-network-connect to VM

If that doesn't help phone and tell them you're cancelling (which you might well do!) that ought to get their attention.
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Re: Poor Service

I know exactly how you feel, left sky after 12 years as they would not replace my box which kept freezing, having to turn off more or less daily and being very rudely spoken to by a person offering me a deal which I said virgin could beat on price The kuana big sports package 100mbps inc line rental etc they more or less said if I wouldn't pay the £90 per month for similar then I should leave as it's a great offer as it should be £110. Great  customer service or what....Hmm I thought virgin is only £73 and includes BT sports, So great ill switch.

Had it 2 weeks have had to turn the box off numerous times due to freezing, recordings have disappeared, catch up and on demand keeps saying sorry not available please try later, When it does work loads are missing what's the point of watching episode 1 then 3 where is 2 had this with numerous programmes, 

Tempted to ring and say come and take it away, before i have to pay my first bill of £197. Oh yeah forgot they said free installation but are charging me £40 + connection fee. Could I reclaim some of these charges as i'm not getting what I will be paying for......Frustrating isn't the word.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Poor Service

Hi Tom, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having a new face involved in the Community Smiley Happy


I'd like to start by apologising for the less than perfect service you have received so far.


As this is a little more complicated than just your usual On Demand error, I have sent you a private message with some further information. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Speak soon,

Forum Team

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