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Pixelation Problem

Hiya, have had problems with pixelation across all channels the past couple of days.

Could someone advise how best to test and sort this out? I did the basic service test for my area and there is an issue flagged but not related to picture issues and then did the test on my box and it came back inclusive.

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Re: Pixelation Problem

If you haven't already ring in for a signal test. You could try rebooting but I doubt it would fix it. 

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Re: Pixelation Problem

There is obviously something going on I am suffering picture break up too.. as are others on other threads.

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Re: Pixelation Problem

Hi ChrisH83,


A warm welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you're getting pixelated picture on your channels.  I'll be happy to help check this out for you.


I have carried out some checks with the box remotely and there is a number of signal issues occurring here.  A reboot will clear it but I suspect would only be a temporary fix.  I would like to arrange for an engineer to call round for you if that's ok?


I will send you a private message with details of the next steps.  (Look for the envelope icon above)


Collette. Smiley Happy

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