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Pixelated picture due to cabinet broken

OK, long story short.

Someone drove into our street cabinet yesterday, and oddly stole the big green cover thingy that protects all the wires from damage (I can't seem to get to grips why someone would steal such a useless but somewhat needed item, all i can think of was they must have been drunk.)

So, as for the now all exposed wiring that the little kids in the street are already playing with, our Internet/TiVo services keep dropping out intermittently (probably the result in the cables being pulled on by 10 year old)

We had a older type green cabinet that i believe just lifted off but due to it being ram raided it has completely snapped and is laying on the floor broken and wires everywhere (even the paving slabs next to it are broken)

I phoned virgin the day it happened (yesterday 19th) and said someone should be coming out to have a look in the next 48 hours... i somewhat didn't think the guy understood what i was trying to say and just want some clarification that this is going to be fixed ASAP not just because i don't wanna miss the football over the weekend but as it posses a massive safety risk to the young children in the area that don't know any better (ages roughly 5-12)

Thanks Aaron AKA lilrowrow (Guess this wasn't really a short story but it does need to be fixed)
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Re: Pixelated picture due to cabinet broken

Hi Aaron,


Thanks for coming by and I'm sorry to hear that your services have been disrupted due to the damage caused. Also I apologise for any concern caused in our response time to your report of the damaged equipment.


I just wanted to pop by and see how things are today?  If you're still having issues, or the work is not complete, let me know and I can help further.


Keep me posted, I'm here if you need me.


Collette. Smiley Happy

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