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Pathetic helpline

My Tivo box has been slowly dying over the last month or so. I have read all the relevant topics here, tried all the "remedies" but today it finally gave up the ghost.

Here is how the conversation with the Virgin "helpline" went:

Virgin: "Hello, what is the nature of your problem?"

Me: I have been having problems with my Tivo box for a couple of months. It is freezing during live play and recordings and yesterday it wouldn't wake from standby and I had to restart it. Today it did the same thing, I restarted it, but now it says "Starting Up" on the TV and has been like that for the last 20 minutes.

Virgin: OK, OK, OK.... have you tried restarting the Tivo

Me: Yes (me thinks **bleep**??)

Virgin: OK. OK. OK... and do you see any error messages on the TV?

Me: It says "Starting Up" and has done for 20 minutes

Virgin: OK, OK, OK... have you tried restarting it?

Me: (slightly raised voice) YES!

Virgin: OK, OK, OK... and did you get any error messages?

Me: Yes!! It says "Starting Up" and has done for the last 20 minutes!!

Virgin: OK, OK, OK... 20 minutes?? That's a long time!

Me: Yeah tell me about it...

Virgin: ...and what error message do you get now?

Me: (sighs) it says "Starting Up"

Virgin: "With a red clock next to it?"

Me: Yes

Virgin OK, OK, OK... your Tivo box is faulty

Me: (thinks) Wow... genius....

.... and we proceed to arrange an engineers visit. Which is what I wanted all along.

This is what we have descended to in 2016. A brave new world. I feel like slashing my wrists.





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