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Overcharged for non-existent additional box, refund limited to 6 months!?

I am in the process of negotiating a new price, I've been a loyal customer of Virgin for many years but have been shocked at the price rises and the current pricing level is too much, particularly with so many good deals from other providers.

However, whilst discussing that, I also noticed I have been charged for an additional box since 2013, despite never using one or even being offered one. I queried this, stated I had never been given an additional box (so how would it ever be used?) and obviously expected a full refund. I was told I would only received at most a refund for 6 months. Obviously if I had actually been given or offered a box, that may have been reasonable. But the fact I didn't even have access to a box means it seems clear to me I should expect an immediate full refund. I was quite shocked at the initial suggestion of only six months and want to pursue it further.

Has anyone else had a similar experience, and how was it resolved? Else this will be the final straw that causes me to leave, the principle is very clear-cut to me.



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Re: Overcharged for non-existent additional box, refund limited to 6 months!?

Hi Dan,


Thanks for coming by and welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I just wanted to pop by and help you with your query to pursue the charges for an additional box.  If you wish to pursue this further you can write into our team via this address:



Virgin Media,

PO Box 333,

Matrix Court,




I hope we can come to a solution. 


All the best,


Collette Smiley Happy

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