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On demand not working error 6161

I have tried to watch my films from the on demand bit and every time pops up unavailable error 6161. I can search for the film but when I choose it it doesn't show or play and the message appears. I have tried to rest 2 times once by unplugging and the second by flipping the switch at back of the box. Any suggestions ?
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Re: On demand not working error 6161

Hi there Magz218, 

I'm really sorry to hear that you've been experiencing this issue when trying to view some On Demand content, and I totally appreciate how frustrating this must be for you. 

I'd also like to welcome you to the forums, and say that I'm sorry we've had to meet under these circumstances. 

I've done some testing on your TiVo® and can see no reason why you should be experiencing this fault, so I've sent a few signals to your TiVo® to see if this can resolve the issue. These signals can take up to 24 hours to complete, however the majority of the time these will complete a lot sooner. Could you please try restarting the TiVo® again, and then wait for about 15 minutes whilst the box loads up. Then try it again. 

Should you get the error again, you may also get some further codes, if you could let me know what that says it would really help me out. 

Please let me know how it all goes for you. 

Many thanks and apologies again.


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