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On demand??? no, it's not!

After waiting weeks to see Season 5 of Scandal (because it wasn't available despite being advertised that it was) I can't access it from on demand. I keep getting an error message (319) saying try again in a few minutes. I've been trying now for 2 days!!!!  As a result I'm considering signing up to Now TV & if I'm not able to watch on Virgin by some point tonight I'll be cancelling my service tomorrow. I pay a fortune to Virgin every month for what?


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Re: On demand??? no, it's not!

Welcome to the club, After reading hundreds of these post I suspect SKY are not letting Virgin access any on demand programmes as this seems to be happening daily all over the country. We all seem to get the same response " we are working on this and it should be fixed by this date " Have had this same response every time I have tried to access on demand and catch up SKY channels. Paying for a service we are not getting.
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Re: On demand??? no, it's not!

Hi Santamonica,

Thank you for your message, I am very sorry to read that the Scandal show hasn't been available. I have been able to test the TV services and they are testing well, which is good news. I was able to see that the error 319 is still in affect, however I've seen that this is to be reviewd later this evening.


I've included some bits of information about the fault and when this is to be looked at again for completion:-


Ticket reference: F004840373

Est review date:  09-NOV-2016

Thank you for your patience. 

Take care.

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