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On Demand Not Available!

It seems this problem has been encountered by other people too, but I'm not sure t's in the same circumstances!

In my case, things started going wrong when you introduces link+, which not only records planned programs, but also obtains them from On Demand. They are listed in 'My Shows' and when selected shows the 'recorded' episodes in the list. (my link+ settings are for recorded only, not streamed), when an episode is selected a screen with Watch Now appears, however. when this is selected, a message is displayed saying 'On Demand is Unavailable' and to go to TV: Home> Help & Settings> Help, where the problem is not addressed and no explanation is given!

The other option is to go to, where you can select 'TV' from a list. It then states with an exclamation mark that there is a problem and that a service engineer is working on it, but it does not tell you what the fault is and how long i may take to fix! Sample message:

When accessing catch up through the channel option you may find some icons missing EG ITV,Channel 4 on TiVo boxes only

Our engineer is working to fix the problem.

Reference no: F004715829

Which is NOT the problem I have! No other detail is give except an outlook date of 2 days hence! Some service!

The only option given, is 


If you progress from there, the attached boxes are displayed, and you can run tests on them individually and the following screen is displayed:- 

Customer information

Before we run our tests please check the connections on your equipment to make sure they are all nice and tight, as this can be the source of the problem.

Our test process may restart all your equipment, which means you won't be able to use it for up to 10 minutes.

Is that ok?    I'll come back later

Only to get this:-

Oops something's broken
We're sorry this isn't the page you wanted

This part of the site isn't working at the moment, but it'll be up and running again soon. Please come back and try again later.

Other parts of the site might work as normal, so try using the links below to help you find what you want.

My Virgin Media Home
Help & Support 

What utter rubbish service, we pay for a 24 hour service, why don't we get one?
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