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On Demand Not Available

I work odd hours so rely on the on demand service for films more than most.


Yet again, I got the "on demand not available" message when trying to watch a film this morning (1am) and as I had my laptop on, went to the service status page as it suggested.


It said everything was ok, why not run a test (which I did).


It then said "oh, you haven't restarted your box in a while, click here to do it and it should sort the problem"


... I would like to interject here to say that the box had restarted recently - it has the habit of doing it by itself at around 3-4am, normally when I'm in the middle of watching &/or recording something and it really ^)*&^%%^%$ me off, but by the time your offices are open, I'm normally too busy running my business to call in and complain, anyway back to the plot.


So, I clicked "restart" and it buggered about for 10 minutes and when it came back on, I went to try and get the film again - yet again "on demand not available" - in fact no films were, whether it be sky or virgin movies.


I tried the service status page again - said "no faults, run a test" which I did and guess what?


"it looks like you haven't reset your box in a while..."   Excuse me? You just reset the bloody thing yourselves.


So, I tried calling 150 - after going through a hell of a lot of annoying "press x for something, y for something else, or z when you realise we never want to actually talk to a customer" nonsense it said "we are closed, call back in the morning" - maybe it would be a bit more helpful opening with that rather than wasting my time.


30 minutes later, I'm sat here typing this diatribe, still with no films - getting rather annoyed - even if they did send the calls off-shore, at least Sky had 24 hour tech support. In fact the only reason we switched to you was the fact tivo could record 3 things at once, where that lot could only record 2 programs.


I really like the service we have when it works - but it seems that recently it's been more "no" than "yes" when I actually need & want to use it.


Well I just checked and 30 minutes later it's back on - yay! Still not happy though - why not have something on the status page saying "xxx is unavailable until xxx time" rather than having customers waste their time messing around with stuff. It's not exactly hard to put a message up is it?


I know stuff needs to go down for maintenance or has problems periodically, but if you just kept people informed, you wouldn't get ranty messages like this.


You are offering a 24 hour service and lots of customers will want to use it outside of your standard hours - at least try and cater to us too - we are paying our subs just like the rest of them.


Rant over.

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Re: On Demand Not Available

Hi Entity1971,


Thanks for taking the time to come to us in the Community for the first time, welcome Smiley Happy


From what I've read this isn't the best experience and I completely understand. Working a hard days work and then looking forward to your shows is a delicate balance after doing a graveyard shift, I've been there and it's no fun when things don't go to plan. 


I'm sorry that you've not been able to get anything resolved on the web or while phoning us. I've had a look into this and can certainly see the issue here, It's your Upstream Power Levels, (when these are off it can illustrate problems like you've mentioned.) 


The good news is it's a clear cut issue and can be resolved easily. I'd like to arrange an engineer for you and I understand you work some odd shifts so I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little red envelope near the top left of the page.



Let me know what you think and really hope to get this sorted for you soon, and bring the balance back in your life. 


Take care.




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