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Not Happy with Virgin

Last Tuseday (12th July) I got a phone call from Virgin.  A lady phoned and asked if I was interested in accepting an offer.  The offer included replacing my v+box with a Tivo box.  I accepted there offer so the lady asked when I would be at home to receive the new Tivo box and she suggested 2 dates both of which were no good,  So I said Monday 18th July would be a good day.  She could not give me a time slot for when the Tivo box would be delivered so I stayed home all day waiting for mt new Tivo box.  It did not arrrive so I phoned up Virgin and asked what had happened.  The guy who I spoke with said that there system was saying that the new box was down for delivery for the Tuesday(19th).  So the lady I spoke with last week made a mistake.

And guess what the Tivo did get delivered Tuesday (yesterday) so I phoned up again last night and asked what happened.  Virgin say that the driver did call and called at 18:10.  No he didnt because at 18:10 I was in my lounge watch a local news programme and nobody called.  And at time not only watching my television I was forever looking out of my front window looking for the van and driver to roll up.

Anyway the lady who I spoke with last night says to me it will now get delivered on Thursday without asking if Thursday is a good day for me,  Thursday is not a good day for me because there will be times during the day I wont be home.  So I do not have any confidance that I will get the new Tivo box on Thursday.  So I hope not a happy customer

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Re: Not Happy with Virgin

Hi Blue1878,


Thank you for taking the time to write to the Community and post again Smiley Happy


I am sorry that there's been some confusion about the delivery and also the engineer showing up, this isn't the best way we'd like to show you on upgrading to a TiVo. I can see that you have mentioned Thursday, have they been able to get this box out to you now being Monday?


All the best and thank you Smiley Happy



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