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Noisy TiVo Box

Help! My tivo box is driving me insane! This is the second one i have had due to noise issues and this one is worse than the first!
Its continually making noises even in standby mode

Ive tried eveything, rubber feet, carpet feet, tea towel underneath etc but its still so noisy

Does anyone have any suggestions? Other than spending 45 minutes on the phone to virgin, then waiting in for hours for a engineer to turn up and replace the box just for it to have the same problem?!

Any help appreciated...pleeaassee
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Re: Noisy TiVo Box

Hello Kirsty2468,


Thanks for posting on the community and I'm sorry to learn you're still experiencing issues with the TiVo® box.


What I would like to do is send another technician to find out why it's still happening so I'm just going to send you a private message with appointment times which you will find if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen.


Speak to you soon.

Forum Team

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