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No signal from TiVo box... any suggestions?

TiVo box is a couple of years old, and has always worked fine. All of a sudden, for some reason there seems to be no signal going from the box to the TV (we have a Samsung TV and it just says 'No Signal' on the screen). We have tried:


- Unplugging everything

- Switching on/off

- Cycling through sources

- Changing the HDMI cable

- Tried different HDMI extensions on the TV. TV still picks up HDMI from my laptop, just not the TiVo box


Called customer support and the guy had us do all of the above again. Ran a diagnostic and said that the box was fine on his end and was showing up as streaming BBC1. Eventually booked an engineer to come out on Wednesday morning.


However I wanted to ask here just in case there's something completely obvious we have forgotten to try? 





*edited to add, sometimes the TV screen will say 'starting up', before reverting back to 'no signal'

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Re: No signal from TiVo box... any suggestions?

Hi Panduh,


Thanks for coming by here and posting your issue on the TV for the first time, welcome to the Community. I'm sorry to see that you're not able to get any thing on the TiVo currently.


It is an interesting one as as the agent on the phone has mentioned, everything is looking well with the same channel being registered as viewed.


Thanks for running those checks, that's certainly eliminated a few elements here. I would say to try a Scart lead if you have one, then search through the TV settings to locate the TiVo source. Once you can see the TiVo screen, can you test for the correct TV output:-


Home>>> Help and settings>>> Settings>>> Video output>>>  Video output Format>>>  Auto Detect.


Let me know if that helps and by all means please come back to me if there's any problems.


I hope that has helped Smiley Happy



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